Re: [Amel] Expulsion air avec generateur?

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I am not sure to have well understood your question,
what I can say to you is that on our SM2k the air extractor run's AND
MUST run if the generator OR the engine is in service.
JLM CottonBay Sm316

Thanks a lot for the answer!
I'm a little bit stupid, I'm Italian, I don't speak French but I had
in mind that the forum speak the same language of our boats :) so I've
post with an automatic convertitor!

You have understand my question; in fact, on my boat, the air
estractor doesn't work with the generator, it works only with the engine.
This evening I will check the green "electrical button" inside the
engine room; I hope to find them switched off…

Sorry for my uglt English, Lorenzo.

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