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Auto text, should be “electronic engineer”
Oh and I’m British, living in Ireland for 20 years, last 3 living onboard.


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Hi Jay Perry
its always interesting following the threads about batteries. There are new Amel owners on this forum, I guess 100 % US owners.
Question to you ?
What is an election engineer ?
Thats something only US related ???
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Some info here

And here

Also to prolong the life of batteries increase the size of the bank so your daily discharge is a lower percentage of the banks capacity. Example if you use 100ah per day (charge cycle) then you need a power supply of around 500ah so you only use 20% of the total capacity, never running the batteries lower than 80%. 
This is why lead acid type batteries are not as cost effective over time as lithium, as lithium can be drained to 90% so you can use almost all or the amp hours you pay for.

(I’m an election engineer and Chief Technical Officer)

Jay Perry 

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You might find some useful information about balancing batteries and why it is especially important for AGM's and GEL's here:  Battery Connections and Balancing

4 years is a good life span for flooded batteries, not bad (but not great) for AGMs.

AGM's are great batteries, but they are in some way more sensitive than flooded. If they are not brought up to full charge--often--they suffer.  Our AGM's lasted about 6.5 years, and were still OK, but we needed the reliability of a new bank so we upgraded them.

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