Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Additional solar location?

Gregory Shea

Another alternative that you may like to consider is to mount flexible panels on a framework, in front of the mizzen, supported by the lowers for the mizzen. It was Graham Johnston on Zephyr (who I think you have met) who came up with the idea and attached are photos of how he attached a framework to the stays to support the panels. He built a platform on which he mounted the panels.
In my case, I built a tubular framework and then lashed the panels to the frame. I have attached photos of one of my early iterations.
It is a bit of a juggling act to work around the back stay and the forward lowers to maximize panel area. It may be easier on a Maramu than a Sharki but you need to have some feel for the geometry before you order the panels. The height that you mount the frame is also a key factor in determining the frame/panel width. I was just lucky with mine.
If you decide to go this route, I can give you more details, off line.
One of the nice features of this arrangement is that the cables can be run down the back stay and into the boat via the hawse pipe for the radar cable.
Let me know if you need any other details.

Greg Shea
Sharki 133 Cap des iles

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Hi there

I’m considering removing my rear arch in favour of a much missed wind steering vane

Currently the arch holds a single 200W solar panel and a silentwind generator

I might see if I can pivot mount the 200w solar panel on the push pit side/railing on the quarter

I’m thinking of remounting the wind gen on the mizzen eventually but mean time adding a bit more solar instead.

Some flexi panels on the cockpit hard dodger is my current favourite location.

I’d be interested to hear if people have had much success with this or suffered too much shading from the boom etc.

Also how people have routed the wires for any solar panels installed on the dodger roof ?

All the very best
Maramu 162

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