Re: UPDATE - Amel Caribbean Rally - Martinique April 7 - April 13

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Bill

We are now also able to confirm for 7th till 13th and will be returning there from St Martin the week before.

Thanks for all your efforts in getting this together. Lauren and I look forward to meeting all those present.

Best regards
Colin & Lauren Streeter
SV Island Pearl II, SM #332
Princess Margaret Beach

On Mon, 11 Feb. 2019, 13:49 Bill Rouse <brouse@... wrote:
To: All Amel Owners who expressed interest in the Rally (Some have since Confirmed or Declined, but all included in this email).
      All Martinique Sponsors

Re: Martinique - Amel Eastern Caribbean Rally Rendezvous Potential Dates...we are still planning
     (other locations will be informal meet/greet, but nothing will be planned). 
Dates: Apr 7-13 du Marin marina or at anchor, with a group anchorage at St Anne on Apr 13 (the last day)
          - Tuesday April 9 - Possible date for a dinner at Mango Bay
          - Wednesday April 10 Possible bus tour of Martinique
          - Saturday April 13 - St. Anne anchorage pot luck dinner
Attendance: I have received Confirmed Amels and 7 Possible.
Cost: Nothing for the Rally
What I need: I need more confirmed attendance in Martinique. I think the minimum we should have is 20 Confirmed Amels.
What you get by attending: I have discussed this Rally with Martinique-based Sponsors asking for some help with the following:
  • A free haulout (splash, launch + 3 days) will be given to one Amel owner attending, sponsored by Carenantilles. .
  • A dinner at Mango Bay during the above dates for all owners attending the Rally, sponsored by Caraibe Marine and Caribbean Yacht Sales 
  • A bus tour of Rhum Clément and possibly some other stop, possible, but no sponsor confirmed. 
  • Berth Discounts at the Marina du Marin, possible, but not confirmed. I need help with contact at the marina. 
  • Prizes and/or gift certificates from different Sponsors to be given by them during the dinner at Mango Bay, 2 are confirmed. 
The early indications is that we will get most of the above and possibly more. I am still waiting on Amel to confirm that they will offer something. I will keep you posted and will add to the website when I have confirmation.

If you need to change anything that I have in this email, ot the table below, please contact me at brouse@...

Registration Log includes any Amel owner that previously expressed interest
Y=Definite, N=Not Coming, P=Possible, U=Unknown
Name Amel Conf.
Joe & Tracie Nance CloudStreet SM 331 Y
Eric Freedman Kimberlite SM 376 N
Arno Luijten  SV Luna A54 121 N
Miles Bidwell  Ladybug SM 216 N
Kent & Iris Robertson Kristy SM 243 P
John Clark  Annie SM 37 N
Pat & Diane McAneny Shenanigans SM 123 N
Alex Paquin  SIMPATICO Maramu #94 Y
Colin Streeter Island Pearl SM 332 P
Donald Patterson  ?Mango? U
Kim and Chuck Lacey Joy SM 388 Y
Paul and Kerstin Osterberg Kerpa SM 259 N
Gary Wells Adagio SM 209 Y
Duane & Peg Siegfried Wanderer, SM 477 Y
Derick Gates Brava SM 400 N
Mark Pitt  Sabbatical III, SM 419 P
Mark,Karen, Miles and Lucy Isaac  Lulu, SM 391 Y
Courtney Gorman  TRIPPIN A54 101 U
James Cromie  Soteria SM 347 Y
Mark & Debbie Mueller  Brass Ring, A54 68 P
Olaf Bauer Katchopine, SM 392 P
Bill Kinney & Karen Smith  Harmonie SM 160  P
Patrick Mazzei and Fred Flamaz Django SM 70 Y
David Goodman Bel Ami SM 230 P
Jamie Wendell Phantom Amel 54 #044 Y
Confirmed, No, Possible, Unknown Totals
Confirmed 9
Not Attending 7
P Possible 7
U Unknown 2
Total Y Confirmed and P Possible 16


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Amel School  
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+1(832) 380-4970

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