Re: FW: [Amel Yacht Owners] Yahoo Amel Owners Group is shutting down today

Brent Cameron

It also appears to me that google can no longer find anything posted on it so our discussions are now private amongst the owners (and the wannabes like me who you’ve let lurk here).  That’s a fantastic new feature in my mind!  Less chance for bad actors to use our personal information. 

Brent Cameron, Future SM2K owner

 On Feb 12, 2019, 10:47 AM -0500, Mark McGovern <mfmcgovern@...>, wrote:
There are a host of features in the new platform that are huge improvements over Yahoo including a calendar, the ability to have sub-groups, embedding pictures in messages.  The two main benefits that I like about the new platform are:

1.  You can actually edit a post that you made after you post it.  Those of us who don't spell too good will appreciate that little detail. ;)

2.  We now have complete "ownership" of the information that is posted to the group including the messages, files, and pictures.  They can be backed up and archived offline so all this great collective Amel knowledge cannot be lost due to some corporate decision.

Mark McGovern
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Brent Cameron

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