Re: Max Volvo RPM

Paul Cooper <paul.cooper74@...>

Okay thanks.  I just got 2600 after 4 new injectors installed.  Stern-to at the dock, straining against stern lines, got 3300.  The Volvo mechanic says this engine is rated over 3500 max rpms but the large size of the Autoprop may be causing the lower max rpms underway.   Also the turbo may be failing.  But she definitely has more power now (was probably running on 2 cylinders before) judging by the fact that  I scared my wife and surprised myself when we left the dock because when I gave the engine the usual amount of throttle  she leapt out of the gate instead of creeping ahead.   

With a max of 2600 rpms I should be able to cruise at 80% max, or 2000 rpm, right?

Paul C.

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