Alejandro Paquin

Dear Bill,

I wish to thank you personally for taking your valuable time and money to find a new and workable platform for the Amel Forum. This forum is extremely interesting, I´ve been a member since God know when.

The world needs more people like you, definitely.

I own “SIMPATICO” an older Maramu (1981) since 21 years ago, it is turning 38 this year, and it has gone through a lot of refurbishing in the past 6 years. The previous owner is a like a father to me so it has been in the “family” for a long time. I enjoy the discussions, participating when I can and sharing my own particular experiences. I´ve also exchanged privately with many of the members so for me, it has been a source of wisdom and good advice all along.

Thanks again and hope to meet you soon, weather, and God permitting.


Alex Paquin

Av. Luis Roche con 3a Transversal

Edificio Bronce PB, Local 1


Caracas. Venezuela

Telf:  +58 (212) 264.55.68 / 264.68.85 /261.64.37

Fax: +58 (212) 261.16.87

Mobile/Whatsapp: +58 (412) 3365564

e-mail: alex.paquin@...

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