[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Volvo/Autoprop not making rated RPM..advice please


Hey Richard
I was thinking about getting the "Filter Boss" system to provide 2
fuel filters with quick change, pressure guage to the helm, etc.
Sounds like you essentially accomplished the same thing in your post
below. Did you check out the filter boss sytstem? And how well has
your system worked for you?

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Hi, Also keep in mind that on the Volvo Penta TMD 22 the turbo
needs to run from time to time to stop in from carboning up.. if you
don't run the thing at something over 2700 from time to time you'll
be right back to no power... If changing the injectors was the issue
I'd also take a close look at how you are filtering the fuel... I
know that Volvo says to use a 10 üm pre filter however a 2 will
work. We use two filters that can be switched when one fills with
dirt without having to bleed the injectors... that way you change the
first filter and when number two goes well just change back... we
also added a Delco electric low pressure 12v pump to help the lift
pump.. to both the engine and gen set. They work well and are
cheep.. you can get them at any Delco parts store..
good luck
Richard and Joan on SM 209 in Genoa Italy..

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