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Hi Bill

As you know I’m regretfully selling Guma, but ‘once an Amel owner, always an Amel owner ‘! 
I treasure the time we spent on Malta but even more the advice you gave me directly and indirectly over the years. Advice you freely shared with literally hundreds of fellow Amelistas. 
The old Yahoo group was a trove for us all, much of its content thanks to you. But it was really clunky to use and I for one was rather discouraged from active use. I was delighted but not surprised that you were behind a new and hugely improved Amel owner site. I was intending to thank you before Monsieur Uptight at Amel wrote his letter. He only reinforces my wish to express my appreciation. 
Trying to see things from his perspective, he is rightly proud of his product and therefore jealous of his brand - an important asset of the company he runs. However, if he knew you I think he would embrace your efforts. If you wish I will reply to him, in French, in this vein. 
Keep up the good work, Bill. 

Kind regards


On 14 Feb 2019, at 03:51, Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:


You may have received an email from Emmanuel POUJEADE, Directeur général / General manager direction"at" regarding Bill ROUSE. At this time I do not want to respond publicly to that email, but if you received it and want my response privately, please email me at bill"at"

I think that most of you know that I love Amel and the wonderful yachts Amel produces. I have never met Mr. POUJEADE, but I believe he is a fine man and a great manager of Amel. Apparently someone has misinformed him about me. I am not going to comment further publicly, but will give you a copy of my response privately. 
Bill Rouse
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