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I did not know that the AutoProp pitch stays flatter if the boat is not moving. I did know that RPM test while tied to a dock is not valid, but I did not know why. This explains volumes to me, and is so logical. Thanks for this!


Bill Rouse

On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 4:48 AM Gary Wells <gary@...> wrote:
Same here.  About 2700 on mine right now but she's got.almost.6,000hr on her.
Got nearly 3,000RPM a couple.ofmyears ago in reverser gear during a "static test" siruation ..  ..  well ..  ..  some people like to call it "running aground" ... but anyway, if the boat's not moving the Autoprop's pitch stays flatter :)

Gary W.
SM 209

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