Re: Amel France and Bill Rouse


Thanks, Mark.

I hope it is simply a case of Mr. Poujeade being misinformed or not informed. From the emails I have seen, I believe he will soon be very informed if he chooses to read them. 

I assume that he is a great guy, but I have never met him, talked with him, had a phone conversation with him, or an email from him until I received the same email you did. Additionally, no person employed with Amel, or in any way connected to Amel has ever communicated anything to me that was a request to change anything I was doing, or ever did. 

Bill Rouse

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 5:14 PM Mark McGovern <mfmcgovern@...> wrote:
I sent an email directly to Mr. Poujeade stating my support for Bill as a person and as an ambassador for Amel.  I have not yet received a reply.

The way Amel went about this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I just don't understand what they were trying to accomplish by sending that email to current Amel owners.  Clearly it was NOT to get Bill to "cease and desist" in using their name and/or logo since I nor any of the Amel owners that I know have the authority to get Bill to do that.  If they are concerned about their Intellectual Property rights or liabilities they should have communicated their concerns directly to Bill (or had their lawyers do that if they are too cowardly), not send out an email to Amel owners about their "concerns".  The only conclusion that I can draw is that they did it in an attempt to defame and discredit Bill in the Amel owners community.  Frankly, that is just a shitty thing to do to any Amel owner, let alone someone like Bill Rouse who has done some much for the Amel brand and for so many Amel owners throughout the world these past 13 years or so. 


I do hope that this all works out OK in the end for you Bill.  Either way, you have my full support.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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