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Mark Erdos


Holy cow! It’s no wonder the marinas in St. T where empty when we were there. I guess you don’t need very many boats if the fees per boat are so high.


Don’t forget about Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club in southeastern PR. Good security, super easy in/out from the ocean and only a day sail from St. T.  I would imagine flights from PR would also be a little less and with more choices.



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I know that in St. Thomas things will be expensive.  Crown Bay Marina came in at $4.15 per foot per day, with our a slight discount for monthly rates.  Yacht Haven Grande is higher and I'm not sure about American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook.
With the ease of ferry access, it might be worth consider Nanny Cay ($1.85/ft) or even Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor ($1.30/ft) in the BVIs.

Only caveat there is that you'll need to import your boat ($202) if you plan on staying more than 30 cumulative days in the BVIs in a year. 

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