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Mark Erdos

Yes, the conduit was for a SSB installation. Amel did some very nice things to aid in after-factory SSB installs. This was one of them. The addition of the dynaplate on the rudder is another plus saving the owner a ccost of a haul-out for an SSB installation. If you were to run your antenna cable from the radio to the auto-tuner in the same conduit as your other electrical wires, the power of the radio will cause EMI and play havoc with your onboard electronics. Ask, me how I know this J




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Pretty sure the conduit was for the SSB connection from the nav station to the tuner.

The outlet is for a dedicated 24 volt dinghy inflation pump. Amel took two 12 volt pumps, wire tied them together and supplied a 'Y' tube/pipe to join them. I was told never to use with the drive engine or the battery charger on as the pump does not like more than 25 volts.


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Hi All

While exploring ways to run cable for solar from the aft of the boat to the battery bank, I discovered an empty conduit running from near the nav station to the aft locker. It's siliconed up at the locker end yet the little (shelf) conduit running inside the cupboards was crammed with redundant wires (half of which I've pulled out now!) Can anyone tell me what it was originally used for and why it might have been abandoned and blocked off? There is an odd socket in the aft locker that's now disconnected (old shore power connector?) but I find it hard to believe it would have had it's own dedicated conduit. Is there any reason I shouldn't drill into it from the inside and use it?

Thanks in advance.

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