Re: New furlers on an Amel 54


I don't get the confusion on the new Bamar furler electronic connection.
I just did the change to the new EJF1. The wiring scheme on the (if I remember correctly) 7 pin plug was 2 thermal leads to 2 pins, 3 leads to the furler to control the in/out to 2 pins, with 1 of those pins having 2 wires attached to 1 pin, and the 2 switch leads to 2 other pins. There was 1 unused pin. Plug it in (after the hot +/-)in and +/-out to the furler) are connected, and you're done. This wiring was confirmed by Paul from Bamar. 
I'm not on the boat, but will be Monday. I can tell you which pin #s to connect the wires to if I looked at the wiring scheme in the manual. It works just fine. No extra switches or anything.
Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 11:38 AM, Mark Mueller wrote:

An alternative connection scheme: I ran into this problem when changing over to the new Bamar about 7 months ago.  After several conversations with Paul and him communicating with Bamar’s engineers an alternative connection plan was utilized.


Assuming that majority of the power is utilized when furling and therefore heat generated I connected the thermal cut-off switch in series with the “Furl” switch.  If the motor overheats when furling the thermal overload opens and protects the motor.  All the connections were made in the new control box mounted in the forepeak with no additional interface necessary. 

Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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