Re: New furlers on an Amel 54

Arno Luijten

The point is that I wanted to also the EM boxes available as a backup. Also I wanted to protection to work both on furling and unfurling. I did think about the argument that the majority of power is dissipated when furling, but if something snags it might as well be when unfurling.

The staysail on our Amel only has 2 wires from the remote switch and no 24 volt feed line to the switch from the sail locker. I also did not like to use the 6 pin plug for both the connection of the furler as the connection of the remote switch. Using separate plugs makes troubleshooting easier.

This combined with the additional functionality of the local switch and status LEDs made me come up with this installation. I did not say there were no other ways of doing it. They all have drawbacks.


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