SM Goiot Hatch Models & Lense Colors

Gary Silver

Hi All:  

First post on the new site.  Really great search engine here, but wasn't able to find this info. Doing the research to replace a couple of lenses on my Goiot hatches as they are starting to have crazing (the little speckles that appear in the lense with UV/aging).  I believe the hatches on the forward deck of the my Amel SM 2000 #335 are Goiot Traditional model hatches and the hatch on the aft face of the aft cabin is a Goiot Cristal model.  Can anyone confirm these model designations for me?

The saloon hatch is the ??  PN 50.50  ??, and the aft cabin hatch is ??? PN 49.36-T50 ????  Confirmation from anybody aboard.

Lenses for the foredeck are "blue" , I believe, and it must be that Amel somehow made the forward cabin and forward head lenses seimi-opaque as I don't see that Goiot offers that option.  Any thoughts on that process?

Goiot offers both blue and gray lenses.  I am virtually certain that the saloon hatch lens is blue, but am uncertain about the color of the aft cabin hatch lenses color (comes standard as gray) or for the color of the forward cabin and forward head lenses.    Any thoughts and information would be appreciated. 


Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona'
Amel SM #335   -  Puerto Del Rey Marina - Fajardo Puerto Rico

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