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Mark Erdos

If anyone ever finds a drop in replacement for the Eumenia dishwasher, please post it.


I have repaired ours so many times. I am just waiting for the sad day when it finally goes to the appliance happy place in the sky. In the mean time we love having a dishwasher. It is perfect to run the dishes when the genset is fired up to do the evening charge on the batteries and running the AC to cool down the boat before going to bed.


I would also be curious if anyone has purchase a regular dishwasher, stripping out all the electronics and components and using them to build basically a new dishwasher in the Eumenia shell.



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I just discovered a leak coming from the corroded water inlet solenoid at the base of the Eumenia dishwasher. By looking online I think I have found a replacement part on eBay from Calder Catering Parts. 

SV40 straight universal water inlet solenoid 230V 3/4” BSP to 2x 11.5 mm

When it arrives I will let you know if/how it fits. 

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