NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183

Paul Osterberg

I have replaced all my instruments to Raymarine and also a new ACU 400 Autopilot computer, They all do communicate via NMEA 2000, and it work OK.  I can steer in wind vane mode or in track mode with the new ACU 400 computer.
I have my old Autohelm autopilot installed, and connected that one via NMEA 0183 to the Raymarine multi functional display/plotter, Now it can steer in Track mode i.e steer towards way point. More important is to steer according to wind angle. but do not understand how I get wind information from my NMEA 2000 back bone, I had hoped that the wind information should be communicated via my plotter who is connected to the backbone and show all kind of info from my NME 2000 instrument, and connected to the Autohelm via NMEA 0183.
Anyone know how to fix this?
Paul on SY Kerpa ASM#259

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