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Conversely to what you may hear the assymetric is a must on the SM. It is so convenient and efficient. It save you sometimes the hassle of gearing the ballooner.
Prior to anything you must make sure that a proper pulley has been fitted on the mast head. The existing one is not fit for the job.
I'm using an Elvstrom Nucat triradial cutting. It is a very stable cutting. It can be used from 80o to 140o off the apparent wind.
The fabric is made of nylon if i'm not mistaken. It has a weight of 65g/m2.
The total area is around 132 m2. This area can fluctuate depending on the cutting. I believe this is a rather reasonable size, easy to single handel.
Don't forget the spinaker sleeve which is of the essence and will make the use of the assymetric very easy. I'm using an ATM sleeve.More expensive than the average sleeves available on the market but so much easy and reliable.
With regards to the price I believe that depending on the fabric and the quality it should remain around 25 Euro/m2 ex. VAT. As for the sleeve it should be around 800 Euro ex VAT
I posted a picture of Rigel II flying its two spinakers in the photos section of this forum

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From: galacsea2000 <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Assymetric Spinaker
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:17:54 -0000

I would appreciate hearing from Super Maramu owners who have had an
assymetric spinnaker made. Size, shape, overall area, material,

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