Re: SM Goiot Hatch Models & Lense Colors


Hi Barry,
I just cut the sealant with a utility knife from the top and pried it out with a screwdriver, cutting remaining sealant from the bottom as it came up.

There’s a great product made by 3M called Adhesive Remover, Citrus Base that works great for getting the sealant remnants cleaned out before reglazing.

Another good product for this is Marine Formula by DeBond Corp

It’s really hard to remove silicone, but this stuff will help you get it down to bare metal with just a little patience.

SM 243

On Feb 19, 2019, at 5:05 PM, seagasm <seagasm@...> wrote:

Kent, how did you remove the original plexiglass from the frame?

Tradewinds III SM #171

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