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Hi Bill,
Put insurance in the Group search box for previous postings especially
mine No 3007. We use Pantaenius but have never claimed so cannot
confirm that they are as good as they say they are. They are not
worried about short handed sailing but were not prepared to insure US
registered boats a few years ago but may have changed that policy.

We concur with the posting on heaving to having done it in 50-60 knots
in the Bay of Biscay but we did drift backwards. It is a risky
business if near land as the boat can be moved by wind and current.
Whilst we were in the South Pacific two yachts were lost, one in Fiji
when it dragged anchor and another on South Minerva Reef when the crew
either hove to or did not watch their drift while waiting for
daylight. I assume that they did not leave enough sea room and perhaps
relied on the inaccurate charts. The owner of the one that went
aground in Fiji stripped a lot of gear off it and was going to have a
sale to reduce insurers liability but the Fijian Customs officials
told him that he would have to pay duty based on new costs before
selling so he called off the sale.

We shall be in Aukland/Opua from 12-19 January but it looks as if you
will be back in the States then?

Best wishes, Anne and John SM319

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Does anyone have any experience with Allianz Yachting and Boating
(UK) Insurance?


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe - SM2 #387
Gulf Harbour Marina for Cyclone Season in the South Pacific
Auckland, New Zealand

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