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Ian Townsend

Got word back from Dessalator that 5W40 or 10W40 would be OK. However, they also said definitely DO NOT USE HYDRAULIC OIL like ISO 68. This must be because of the style/age of our unit vs. newer SMs.

I have referenced the manual in the Files section but unfortunately it does not deal with this issue and our model. We only have an old French manual, typed on an IBM Selectric.

Apologies to the group as I should have checked with Dessalator first. It's just that they haven't been as responsive in the past and I wanted a faster answer which we normally get with the forum.

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On Feb 21, 2019, at 10:54 AM, Mark Mueller <brass.ring@...> wrote:

I looked into the oil requirement for a new to us Amel with a Dessalator 160, CAT 277 pump, early last year.  The CAT manual recommends an ISO 68 hydraulic oil.  I believe this is a 30 wt. oil.  I would agree with Bill Kinney that a 40 wt. oil would would also work well.  The book recommends a change every 500 hours with the ISO 68 oil or 300 hours for if other oils are used.  The manual did not specify only an ISO oil, I believe SAE oils have detergents and other modifiers added.  You can reference the manual in the Files Section > Dessalator Technical Info > CAT Pump 277 Svc Manual, p6.


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