Re: D3-110I-C Wandering RPM

Ralph Heilig

Hallo Dean,

I know this Problem. My Engine (D3-110 , 1600 Hours, 2008) has the same "Problem" between 1.000 and 1.200 rpm. It has it since many years and so far no Problem. As I noticed It's exactly when it wants to open the Turbo. So I think It's at low rpm and cold engine, when the Turbo opens and closes.

My experience after after 1600 hours D3:

1) I had to Change the raw water pump ( after 1.500 hours) - leaking and sea water running over the Alternator( which is stupidly mounted under the raw water pump) - so also a new Alternator 
2) I had a faulty oil pressure Sensor - Error was" low oil pressure" - tested and it was only a faulty oil sensor ( this happend after 80 hours nonstop motoring on flat see - 4 days nonstop - Maybe the sensor stuck due to this) Since my Engine is 2008 - there are differne oil sensors - the Electric Connection of the "actual" D3 oil sensor does no more fit-I found one on eBay that fitted (Part Nr. 863169).

Other Problems not regarding the Engine:

3) 3 (!) Mastervolt Mastercharger  - 2 x 40AMP, 1 x 100 AMP  - every two year one dies....
4) Replacement of the Freshwater Pump (after 8 year) due to pressure leaking - Discussed with AMEL- they said the pump is no more avaliable and I should go for a Jabsco (V-Flow). Now working since one year without problem-  mounting was easy.
5) Cooling Unit of the Refrigerator (after 9 years) - expensive repair 2.200 Euro..
6) Bilge Pump no more pumping - also after 9 years - Easy repair with the Marina ZZ Repair Kit (Setback Flap)
7) Climma Display LED - I had to replace 2 LED Display Chips ( 5€ one ) - The whole Display would cost About 200 - 300 Euro - but my Display just lost one or two Segments on the 7-segment Display...
8) The Hydaulic Gangway never worked perfect. somtimes I have to press x times the remote an shake the Gangway manually to get it working- Problem since day 1....
9) Mainfurler Gearbox - oil leaking - yet not fixed…

Greetings from Sardegna,
SY Santa Isabella
AMEL 54 #144


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