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Well while i think we can agree that the Amel range make excellent Blue Water boats - i am sure that this market does not need to be addressed as the? Amel reputation precedes it - so i would assume Amel are casting their net wider to sell more boats.? As an IT Consultant / Senior Project Manager it is almost impossible to keep web site developers under tight control - doubly so if the client is taken with Flash Animation - i think you can safely say simple good web site design is a highly skilled art sadly as rare as hens teeth now.



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What I found particularly odd is that they describe the 54 as "Designed for a crew of 4-6 people - seasoned sailors maybe, keen sailors definitely."

I found that under the English language "Amel 54 Spirit" tab. That is perplexing as the whole point behind the Amel ketches has been to produce a bluewater cruising boat easily managed by a couple. I have never been on an Amel larger than the Maramu however it seems that any of them can be easily managed by a couple. I find the Maramu easy enough to singlehand although I prefer to sail with crew.

The Flash animation is overused and in my opinion mildly annoying. The site seems to be under construction still as I see some new stuff on there this morning.

Thanks for the archive link.

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It's hard to believe that Amel is not using it's website to educate

the world about all their innovative features that have really set

them apart over all these years of development and refinement. And

eliminating any mention of previous models isn't a good turn, IMHO.

However the good news is that the Wayback Machine -- located at

www.archive. org -- has indexed and stored the previous

websites (and virtually every other public website). Just looking at

the Sept. 28, 2007 'snapshot' you'll find the pages showing the

previous Amel models (although only the French language pages preserve

the webpage formatting). The bad news is that higher resolution photos

or documents don't seem to be available.


SM #5 Spice

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