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The generator maintains frequency by maintaining RPMs. And the part that maintains RPMs is the Governor, Actuator Part #306−5006−01 (old part #151-0779-01). I carried one of those on BeBe for 12 years and never needed it. You might want to buy the part (about $300 if I remember) or call an Onan tech.


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On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:55 AM Mark Pitt <mark_pitt@...> wrote:

   My Onan MDKAV shutdown with a code 15 “underfrequency” shutdown code.  It had been running for one hour making water and topping up the batteries.  Nothing else running. It was producing about 20 amps at the time.  No previous hint of trouble except for one small thing.  My Bluesea in-line digital multimeter has shown 49.8 hz for the past few months, down from the 49.9hz it showed for the prior few years, which is down from the 50.0 it showed for the first few years. The boat is 15 years old. I thought nothing of this small change in frequency since the generator has run perfectly for years.

i have lots of clean fuel in the tank and the fuel filter is relatively new. There is no apparent issue with the fuel line.  Any ideas?

  Mark Pitt
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