Re: Gearbox greasing

Mark McGovern


If you have not already done so, search the term "Grease" in the photos section and you will find some pictures of the different locations that people have used to install grease fittings on those gearboxes.  I have only installed grease fittings on my Leroy Somer main furler gearbox but I will install them in the other two this spring.  Below are some pics of my installation.  I took the gearbox off to do it but it certainly could have been done in place.  The only advantage I see to taking it off was that I could remove the cover and thus could remove the old grease from the bearing.  For future greasing I will NOT remove it. 

In the locations that I chose to install the fitting the wall thickness was 12.4-12.5mm.  My only advice is to go slowly and use a shop vac to suck the aluminum chips out of the hole as you go to reduce the risk of aluminum shavings getting into the gearbox.  

Hole Locations:

Wine Cork to Gauge Depth (I borrowed this idea from another Amel owner!) 

Grease Fitting Installed:

Old Grease Starting to Come Out of Bearing (Brown Grease):

New Grease Coming Out Top (Green):

New Grease Coming Out of Bearing (Green):

Hope these pics help!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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