Re: Gearbox greasing

Eric Freedman


I put one hole low on one side of the gearboxes and the other on the opposite side Port / starboard.

I use a 5 mm nylon bolt to close the hole. The bolts are cut rather short,  I put the grease into the gearbox using the autoprop grease gun adapter. I pump the grease from the lower hole and it exits the upper hole.


The spots on the genoa look good to me.


While you are messing around, it would be a good time to remove the shaft that goes through the gearbox on the outhaul and the outhaul winch.

I removed a few thousands of an inch from the key on the shaft and installed it with never-seeze. I grease this every 6 months and have had no problem getting the shaft out.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Having read the different discussions on the placement of greasing holes on the three furler gearboxes, I would like to be absolutely sure before I start drilling... Are the attached locations the right ones? OK to do in situ? Many thanks.

s/v Carpathia III - SM#293

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