Mango Water Tank layout help needed

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Mel Davis - Annie M
Mango Hull #1

We are trying to work out how the water tank layout works in our Mango.
We seem to have 6 tanks (I have a graphic but am not sure how to show
it with this message.
There seems to be 4 tanks under the cabin sole in the main saloon and
two more under the cabin sole in the galley.
Between the two sets of tanks there is an area we do not know what it
is, it may be another tank but there is no lid. This is partly under
the saloon seat in fronot of the gally and partly under the galley
where the sinks are located.
Are all the tanks supposed to be connected? This boat has had extensive
restoration work so there is no guarantee that all things are as they
were when she was originally built.
If anybody would like to see our graphic I could email it or should I
upload it to the Files section? I guess we cannot include files in the
We have many questions about the boat and are hoping that this group
can help us as your experienec with Amel's is unrivalled.
Thx and Best Wishes
Mel Davis

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