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Hi Mel,
I beleive i investigated this boat 4 or 5 years ago, was'nt it then named "Marbella"? I checked the USCG registry today, but Mango special, hull no 1, initially named Heimana is no more documented on the USCG registry.
If your vessel is the same, it  is a very special Mango, so i cannot suggest that my unit #51 is similar to yours, since Mr Amel and the yard used this personal unit to test a number of alternative setups and equipments. I might add that the woodwork on this unit was remarquable.
Mr Sello, the retired After Sale agent at Amel, seemed to know the boat inside out.
Perhaps, Mr Beauté who now replaces Mr Sello, would allow you to try to reach and speak with Mr Sello. Mr Sello has been known to assist Amel owners, even after retirement!
If you do not speak french, maybe a French member of this group could intervene on your behalf.
Opera, mango #51

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