Re: Engine Repower for Super Maramu

Davi Rozgonyi

That is an incredible amount of money,and as the others say, I'd RUN elsewhere. And probably name and shame, but that's just me; I'm a vindictive little snot :)

We have a 1991 SM which we just repowered in Mallorca. Had a few engine choices, but ended up taking the original Perkins Prima M80T and reboring it (first oversize) and refurbishing it with everything new (like the turbo) or reconditioned/tested that was still fine. We did this because after a lot of research, for the value and ease of working on it anywhere in the world, and the lack of electronics and common rail problems of the newer engines (esp the volvo D3), the Prima seemed like it can't be beat (as long as you have a good one to start from). Total cost, about 8000 euros, installed. 

And yes, what the others say, the older C drives aren't made to take 110 horses. Ours was replaced with one that could, but still didn't go up to the yanmar because of price and need....the prima is plenty for this boat in my opinion.

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