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The original stripes are polyester resin/gel- coat. They were painstakingly applied by hand with paint brushes. Throughout the production of the Sharki, Maramu, Mango, Fango, Santorin and Super Maramu, these stipes were applied by a mainly female crew who were deemed to have more patience and manual dexterity than their male counterparts. These were considered the primary requirements for this job. Back then, political correctness wasn’t even a consideration, especially in France.


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Were the original stripes done with gelcoat or resin?


Cream Puff needs this too but it keeps getting pushed back down the project list because “having fun” trumps it every time. It has been on the list since we purchase here in 2011 J



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Hi Bill and all:

I am preparing to re-paint my deck stripes "AGAIN".  This will be my third time (have owned the boat since new in 2001).  I previously used Interlux Brightside paint and it just does not hold up to Caribbean sun.  About 4-5 years before it oxidizes and starts to look shabby.  I am considering using Awlgrip this go round but it will be much more work and I am investigating the "pot life" (i.e. useful working time) to see if it is practical to use in the pin-striping tool. 

I would appreciate any feedback on the durability of the various types of paint and also others thoughts about the cosmetics of switching to the cream color for the stripes.  Changing things on Liahona is a heavy lift for me, yet that said, having just changed the boot-stripe to Desert Sand has been a great change that improved the appearance of the boat both to myself and many others who have commented on the appearance.  Wise advice to me a long time ago was, "never be the first to adopt a change and never be the last".  

Opinions and experiences of all types are invited. 

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