Amel lettering colour / RAL

tony wells

Hi all

We recently bought Amel 54 “Catriona R” #102 in Preveza, Greece. We are reverting to the original name “Balthazar” per this old photo attached (I’ve edited out the “IV” suffix and port name). 

Amel, who would have applied the name originally do not have a record of the font or colour. I have now identified and bought the font as Aviano Contrast Heavy. CAN ANYONE HELP IDENTIFY THE COLOUR PLEASE? A RAL ref for Amel’s ‘standard’ burgundy would be perfect. 

Finally, thank you All for such a fabulous forum - a deciding factor in our yacht choice. Being technically inept, the forum has given me great insight...and sleepless nights, in equal measure! We’ve had a much-appreciated welcome from a number of owners and are supported by Bill Rouse too. 

Tony & Lel Wells
Balthazar (formerly Catriona R)
A54 #102 Preveza, Greece (circumnavigation planned, starting 2022...)

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