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As you probably know, I used the same paint and tool that you used the first time around. The second time, I had 1-part marine paint mixed in Trinidad to match the AwlGrip Cream color, which is exactly the color you posted. We used 1 quart to apply 2 coats. We sanded much of the old off before applying the new color. The cream color did not cover as good as the chocolate brown, hence the 2nd coat.

I could not get a clear answer on the 2-part paint, so I elected to go with 1 part. These get a lot of UV in the tropics and probably 5-6 years will be the lifetime. BTW, when we sold BeBe we gave Dan two fingernail polish bottles filled with the paint for future touch-up. The 2-part would not have worked for that.

Lastly, when we were in Trinidad, we trained a local boat wash/wax guy to do this job. He got very good at it. I can give you his name if you want it. It took him 5 days for the complete job.


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Bill Rouse:

 This is the Awlgrip "Cream" color.  Does this appear correct for what you painted your deck stripes?  The photo I have seen of your stripes appeared to be more white colored.


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