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James Alton

The sea anchor option has many benefits, some of which you mentioned but it also has one big potential problem.  It is possible under certain conditions to develop significant sternway while riding to a sea anchor and the potential exists for rudders to be damaged or destroyed.   The Amel rudders seem to be quite stout so perhaps they could handle more stress than an average sailboat but this would still be a concern to me in very extreme conditions.  If anyone has been on a sea anchor with an Amel in extreme conditions, I would certainly be interested to hear your story.  

One other concern I have with the sea anchor option is the lack of manuverabilty should another vessel approach or the boat be driven towards some danger.  With the drogue off the stern you should have some control of direction without having to recover or detach from the drogue.  Certainly an interesting area of discussion.


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Hi Eric,

I know you believe in the drogue method of storm tactics but your description of your boat preparation and handling systems confirms my negativity to the system. The number of things to potentially go wrong is scary. Also It places the boat stern on to the breaking seas and that results in those seas breaking into the boat and filling the cockpit with water. I remember you saying that the crew in the cockpit was up to their armpits in water. I will stay with my bow deployed sea anchor. The front facing parts of the boat are designed to take attacks by the sea which the stern is not. (In my opinion.)

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With respect to the Jordan Drogue it is now available in spectra—that is the way to go. It was originally developed by Don Jordan and manufactured by Dave Pelissier of Ace Sailmakers in Connecticut—I would order it from him  and only him.

There are many people now selling the drogue and a few that I have seen are shoddy.


If you are feeling really nautical you can buy the kit from him with pre-assembled cones and weave it together yourself.  If you do not get it from Ace, Make sure that the forward facing edge of the cones have seams on them otherwise they will shred after many hours in the water. See above photo.



When I had Kimberlite built I had Amel Super reinforce the stern cleats. At the end of my bridles I also have large loops spliced into them.

To keep from putting strain on one back stay (you only will have to adjust one leg)  I had a machine shop make me a titanium Humongous snatch block for 1 ½ inch line. Which I will fasten to a few places on the deck fittings to square the boat to the waves.


You might also want to have the vinyl covering for the cockpit (weather cloths) zippers modified. I had my sailmaker put loops on either side of the zipper every foot and a half so if the zipper starts coming apart you can tie it back together.


When bringing in the drogue you will need something bolted to the stern chocks as the drogue wants to get caught on it and tear the cones.

The drogue has to be tailed by hand as it is  too big for the winch.

Careful not to tear the cones on the winch line stripper.


Lastly, the winch motor will cut out after about 4 minutes due to thermal overload. Either bring in the drogue a bit, wait for the motor to cool off and proceed or wait till the overload device trips and then wait 5 minutes and it will work again.


I hope it never leaves your port locker.

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric,

Thank you for your response, very clear! And yes, I would like to attend to the shaft as well... Just not sure I will be able to take it out. I may have to construct a tool like Jose's to remove it. Mine has probably never been serviced in 19 years so I expect the worst...

I know you are also a big fan of the Jordan drogue and I am quite interested in having one on Carpathia. Can I ask you for your latest advice on how to fit it well with the backstays, and what you found the best setup on the SM. Any picture would help too...

Many thanks,





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