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Steve Leeds

HI Rainer,
I've changed my cutlass bearing many times in the past (the previous owner was using a 1 3/8" cutlass bearing when he should have used 35mm!  I did the same for several years until I changed the shaft to 1 3/8".  I think I've only changed it once since then.  I have 6800 hours on the original Perkins).  My cutlass bearing extends back from the boat enough to be able to "grab" it with a puller with the shaft still in place.  After removing the propeller, first remove the set screws, drill dimples in the cutlass bearing for the puller to hold onto and pull it out.  I have a custom puller the previous owner of my boat made up from a steel plumbing pipe that just fit over the cutlass bearing.  I'll try to remember to take a photo of it on my next visit to MACCABEE.

To remove the shaft, you must lift the engine high enough to bring the shaft under the engine.  Other than the coupling, You probably don't need to disconnect anything else from the engine.  I lay a 6" x 6" wood beam across the seats on each side of the engine compartment, with a piece of 2" x 6" board under each end of the 6 x 6 to spread the load and use a chain lift chained to the 6 x 6 to raise the engine.  I may have removed the engine cover for clearance -- I can't remember.  I have only done it once in the mid 90's.

Steve Leeds
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Hi Rainer. Although I haven’t replace my cutlass bearing yet, my understanding is that you remove the propeller, undo the alum key on the shaft and pull off the cutlass bearing.
Hope this helps.
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Hello Captains of Amels,
I have to change the cutless bearing of my Sharki, because of vibrations under engine wich occurred after I was installing a shaft alternator...
How do I pull the propshaft?
Do I really have to lift the engine?
Any suggestions of a Sharki, Maramu or Mango owner would be greatly appreciated....
Rainer Huthmacher
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It feels good to back in this great forum

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