Re: Prop shaft bearing

James Alton


   To those that have used the Amel  shaft generator on their straight shaft Maramu or Sharki,  do these tend to cause shaft vibration or was there just some problem with Yin Yang?  The shaft drive pulley was removed from my boat before I bought it and I have been planning to reinstall it this summer.


SV Sueno
Maramu #220

On Mar 1, 2019, at 11:08 AM, Steve Leeds via Groups.Io <yachtmaccabee@...> wrote:

You may want to check your shaft alignment.

Steve Leeds
Sharki #121

On Friday, March 1, 2019, 6:06:47 AM EST, Rainer Huthmacher via Groups.Io <thelastoneever@...> wrote:

Hello Captains of Amels,
I have to change the cutless bearing of my Sharki, because of vibrations under engine wich occurred after I was installing a shaft alternator...
How do I pull the propshaft?
Do I really have to lift the engine?
Any suggestions of a Sharki, Maramu or Mango owner would be greatly appreciated....
Rainer Huthmacher
Former owner of SM#69 “Yin Yang”,now owner of Sharki#83 “Rock’n Roll”,currently in Teneriffe...
It feels good to back in this great forum

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