Outhaul shaft removal

Eric Freedman



I would start by removing the screw in the L shaped part if the outhaul pin of the Anderson winch.


I would then buy a long grade 10 cap screw probably 3-4 inches.

Remove the bolt and washers from the bottom of the shaft . Then screw in the cap screw about an inch . Then try pounding on the head of the bolt with a hand held sledge hammer. We call it a lump hammer.


In my case it didn’t work,

The key was just rusted in place.


I removed the boom turned it upside down on some 4x4 dunnage on the deck

I loaded the shaft down with PB blaster and let it sit for a few days. I then  went to town on it with a full size sledge hammer.

Not exactly a  surgery. It is important to hit the bolt squarely tapping strongly only raising the hammer 3 or 4 inches. Finesse with a sledge hammer..

You don’t want to break off the bolt., or do damage to the gearbox.

Once it moves a few thousands of an inch it will come out easily.


I sanded the rust off the shaft with a dremel tool and used the side of a dremel cut off blade to remove a few thousands of  an inch.

off of the 3 sides of the key. I now  use a liberal amount of never-seez on the shaft every 6 months. A 5 minute job.



I keep the cap screw taped to the can of Never-Seez –convenient place to keep it.

Good luck.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376




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Hi Eric,

Thank you for your response, very clear! And yes, I would like to attend to the shaft as well... Just not sure I will be able to take it out. I may have to construct a tool like Jose's to remove it. Mine has probably never been serviced in 19 years so I expect the worst...

I know you are also a big fan of the Jordan drogue and I am quite interested in having one on Carpathia. Can I ask you for your latest advice on how to fit it well with the backstays, and what you found the best setup on the SM. Any picture would help too...

Many thanks,


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