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smiles bernard

Hi Rainer

We were next to Rock n Roll in Santa Cruz last year. 

My kids and I came to admire her. Very nicely set up boat. I think the sharkis are great boats. We have had the pleasure of hanging out on a friends - also in Tenerife. Aneki (spelling?!)

Is the vibration constant or only at certain speeds ?

I had vibration on the prop shaft when surfing down waves on recent Atlantic crossing. Anything over 7 or 8kts roughly. 

 Then when we switched the motor on in Barbados we had what sounded initially like rough  idle. 

On inspection it was the engine mounts and alignment causing both issues 

On last section of the crossing we had 4-5m seas and winds gusting up to 45 kts and I think the motion did the old mounts no favours. 

We have just swapped out the engine mounts so hope that’s the last of it but as yet I’ve not hit speeds to test it properly

I’d guess alignment 1st

Does anyone have any experience of rewinding the prop shaft alternator?
I’m guessing ours has not been touched since new. It has been totally amazing on the long ocean passage. I can’t imagine why all boats don’t have them ! So interested in the reliability and service recommendations in prep for our return leg to UK in May. 

Many thanks and all the best

Maramu 162

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Hi Rainer
Welcom back. In 2014 I was a little bit too late for buying your SM.
Wilson SM003/La Rochelle

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Thank you gentlemen....

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On the Sharki, you must undo the motor mounts and lift the engine up about 20"/inches 50 cm in order to remove the propeller shaft as it is too long to fit as it hits the rudder skeg. It is an easy 6 hour job if nothing is badly rusted.

To remove the prop shaft/cutless bearing, remove the propeller, un-tighten the bolt holding the bearing in place on the side of the stern tube and use a pipe wrench or a chain wrench to rotate the cutless out. Easy one hour job.


All The Best, Joel



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Hello Captains of Amels,

I have to change the cutless bearing of my Sharki, because of vibrations under engine wich occurred after I was installing a shaft alternator...

How do I pull the propshaft?

Do I really have to lift the engine?

Any suggestions of a Sharki, Maramu or Mango owner would be greatly appreciated....

Rainer Huthmacher

Former owner of SM#69 “Yin Yang”,now owner of Sharki#83 “Rock’n Roll”,currently in Teneriffe...

It feels good to back in this great forum





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