Re: Outhaul shaft removal


Hi Eric-
Well, there's the RIGHT WAY, the WRONG WAY, and the AMEL WAY!  

Regarding the Amel way, according to Albon, plan B was to remove the boom, bring it into the shop and use their press.  If the press placed pressure directly on the slotted disc while pressing the shaft, pressure on the case could be avoided.  It is possible that our habit of frequently spraying just a bit of CorrosionX (regular as well as CorrosionXHD) on the shaft and rinsing the gearbox area with fresh water every time we washed off the boat may have helped--again, removal with the tool was effortless.  Albon suggested Tef-Gel where the metal of the gear box meets the shaft upon reassembly. 
Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI

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