Bow locker floor replacement.....

Thomas Kleman

On SM2K #422 (SV L'ORIENT) the bow locker floors have degraded and need replacement. I'm taking this on in the next two weeks and have pirated design ideas from Mark on Cream Puff, Bill Kinney and others (thanks in advance). I do have one pressing question as I finalize my materials.

I bought L'ORIENT in 2010, when she was 6 years old. The hawse pipe (galvanized steel, I believe) was already very severely corroded, which contributed to the floor damage I have now. I've faithfully adhered to the advice of folks in this group to keep my boat "an Amel", and have resisted doing anything that runs counter to that ethic from a maintenance perspective.

However, in the case of the galvanized steel hawse pipe, there is the well known invocation from Einstein that only an idiot repeats an experiment and expects a different result. I'm reluctant to replace my corroded hawse pipe with an exact replica, which I imagine began failing almost immediately after the boat was built. Has anyone used any other material for this conduit with success ? With the wide variety of super-plastics available, I was curious if someone had experimented with a solution like this, and what the result was. If I'm persuaded to use galvanized steel again, I plan on- at a minimum- installing it with flanges at each terminus to enable easy replacement, as I fear this will be necessary again.

Thomas Kleman
Colon, Panama

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