Re: Bow locker floor replacement.....

Craig Briggs

Hello Thomas,
I replaced my hawse pipe with Schedule 80 PVC pipe 3 or 4 years ago (you can search my posts and find more detail.)  Schedule 80 is a little thicker than Schedule 40 and so far it is perfect - no visible wear after - just guessing - 100 anchorings. It was not available at the usual "big box' stores like Home Depot or Lowes, but I found it at a lawn sprinkler supplier. An option might be the grey PVC electrical conduit which is easy to find and inexpensive. Frankly, I would not hesitate to use Schedule 40 - it is all pretty tough stuff and it would not be a big job to replace after a few years if it were to wear. It is totally compatible with polyester resin and fiberglass to fasten it in to your locker floor replacement panels. 
Craig SN68 Sangaris.

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