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Beaute Olivier

Hello Thomas, Mark, Bill, Warren, and all happy Amel owners,

PVC can be difficult to glass with polyester or epoxy if not correctly prepared. The best way is to sand the place where the GRP will be applied, and degrease it with aceton.
Replacing the hawse pipe with PVC or other stiff plastic materials is OK. The only worry indeed is the chain wear inside the tube, so, you should opt for a thick one.

There are in fact two master pieces (and several minor pieces) of PVC tubes in your Amel boats, bonded with the hull and deck, and that I never heard of in terms of weakness or delamination. I let you guess what these pieces are.

Answer tomorrow.


On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 1:40:59 PM GMT+1, Bill Kinney via Groups.Io <greatketch@...> wrote:


PVC is one good choice, another is fiberglass. There is FRP tubing available, and some supplies will sell short pieces cut to length. The advantage of it over PVC is that it can be glassed in easily. Neither epoxy nor polyester resins will reliably stick to PVC, but would bond well with FRP tube. In the unlikely event the chain ever wore through it, it would be easy to patch. 

Both would be long lasting. You selection might depend on your method of securing it. 

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Mayaguana, Bahamas 

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