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James Alton


   Perhaps Amel felt that the galvanized hawse would be less likely to corrode the chain due to dissimilar metals?  As long as the hawse had zinc left on it, it would help to protect the steel in the chain.   The fibreglass pipe idea is interesting to me since it could be made strong and would never corrode.   Eliminating the joint between the hawse and the fibreglass on the locker panels joints would be a good thing by keeping water from getting into the plywood at the hawse hole in the event that the caulking failed. The one problem is that fibreglass is not very resistant to chafe and in wearing the pipe down you will have some fibreglass fibers floating around...  I am thinking of using the fibreglass pipe idea but adding a replaceable plastic liner.  I am thinking of using a more slippery plastic than PVC but it sounds like it it working out well for some and would be a simple solution.  I am sure that you could also fashion a new hawse from 316 stainless that would wear well without a liner.  Lots of good ideas on the forum.

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On Mar 6, 2019, at 11:07 AM, Gary Silver via Groups.Io <garysilver@...> wrote:

I have created this new thread to carry on the topic of "Hawse Pipe Replacement" that was started in the thread "Bow Locker Floor Replacement".  In that thread multiple folks have indicated that they have replaced, or are about to replace, their hawse pipe due to corrosion of the original galvanized pipe.  Over the years I have only seen a hand full of areas where Amel "got it wrong" and the floor of the bow lazarettos and using galvanized pipe (instead of stainless steel or some more durable material) for the hawse pipe are two. 

This topic is timely for me as I was just considering this project myself (having previously dealt with the floor issue).  The suggested materials so far are:

Schedule 40 PVC  or better yet Schedule 80 PVC pipe.
FRP pipe.

I had anticipated having a 316L stainless steel pipe fabricated with a flange at the top and bottom.  Other than cost, any thoughts on that idea?   It appears to me that the original pipe simply passed through the lazarette floor (no flange) and had a "tab" welded at the top, then was glassed in place.  Correct?

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