Special Thanks to Gary Silver and Andrew Lamb #organize



You are probably not aware that SM owner Gary Silver has edited almost 600 of your photos in the photos section of this website and SM owner Andrew Lamb has also been updating and editing photos. WOW!

The reason for this effort is that when you upload a photo with a camera-assigned name like IMG-00001, the search engine will not find it when someone may be searching for exactly what you updated. Hopefully between Gary and Andrew's efforts we will have close to 100% of all photos properly named.

I am asking everyone to ensure that any photo you add to the Photo section is named logicly and in such a way that it will become searchable. Also, if you are not sure which ALBUM to add it to, please note that I set up 6 General albums:

1. Deck & Hull - anything on the outside of the Amel
2. Electronics & Electrical
3. Mechanical - anything that turns or moves, except if it should be in #1. Deck & Hull - anything on the outside of the Amel
4. Plumbing
5. Miscellaneous
6. Amel Photo Album -A place to post your boat pictures and glamour shots

Please try to use this organization methodology because it will certainly benefit each of us, sooner or later.

Photos which are attached to emails are automatically placed in an Album named EMAILED PHOTOS. We are going to attempt to move those photos to one of the above 6 albums, but this may be a challenge for us. If we can get it figured out, we will move them once a month, empting the EMAILED PHOTOS album.


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