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James Alton


   Thank you for taking the time to add your wisdom to the discussion.  I am very happy with the  heavily glassed fibreglass tubes in my boat such as the cockpit drains.  It is so nice that by making the drains essentially as strong as the hull that there is no need for the complication of valves,  hoses, clamps and the normal type connections.

   The chain pipe on Sueno also appears to be heavily glassed and very strong.  I can imagine that in the case of a chain ball or some other snag that suddenly stopped a rapid chain deployment that the forces could be very high on the locker floor.  A strong chain pipe could serve as a compression member to transfer the loads to the underside of the deck, great engineering IMO.  I agree with the original Amel design in making all of these critical tubes strong and if I ever have to rebuild my chain locker, I will certainly restore the original amount of strength or more.   


James Alton
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Hi everybody,

the two master pieces made of PVC tube glassed to the hull and deck are the cockpit drains. These pipes are in fact glassed with GRP on their whole outside surface, and then glassed with the hull and deck. No need to mention that they really need to be watertight and resistant to a shock. If you hit them with your hand, you will feel that they are strong.

There are other glassed PVC tubes in critical places such as the air vent pipe of the bow-thruster box and the one inside the dorade box of the engine room air exhaust circuit (they need to be watertight). 

The hawse pipe needs to be watertight too, and there is nothing like a glassing to do it right. However, the hawse pipe surroundings remain a wet area, and the possible damages from a leaking hawse pipe will not be very serious, except that it may bring water into the plywood floor, which will rot in the long run (as you all know).

Good luck Thomas.


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Thanks Craig. 


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Hi Warren,
Sorry, I don't recall the exact diameter but it was essentially the same as the original, to the closest US size I could find. It's not too critical since you're glassing in the new one so there's wiggle room. I only took "gee whiz" pictures of the old rotted out tube, but a picture of the finished job may not be very informative since it looks just like the old one (before it rusted out :-)
Best, Craig SN68 Sangaris 

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