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All Santorins, Super Maramus, 54s, and 55s were delivered new from Amel with a plastic cap. They were all red, except possibly late model 54s and all 55s which were black.

The Amel bonding system was designed to protect the AutoProp propeller, which is made by Bruntons. For years, Bruntons said to install a zinc anode on the AutoProp propeller. Recently, Bruntons agrees with Henri that the Amel bonding system is better than the anode on the AutoProp propeller.

There are some Amel owners that install the zinc.

If I owned your beautiful Super Maramu, it would have the original plastic cap and not the zinc anode on the AutoProp propeller.


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If I understood properly  you suggest don’t use zinc in the propeller, isn’t it?

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