Re: Marco UP6/E pump and MASS+

Brent Cameron

Bill, I had a look at the manuals for the UP6/E and MASS+ and the associated PCS, and it is clear from the pictures of the PCS circuit board that the RJ11 (phone not ethernet) jack is sending digital signals that are being picked up by a small Arduino CPU and translated for control purposes so there would be no easy way to tap into that to get a run light connected.  The reason I’m interested in this is that I ran into a similar problem on a friend's Amel (a Super Maramu) using a different pump.  It seemed  that the original Amel pump had a wire that was energized with 24V when the pump Motor was on but the new (Jabsco) pump didn’t have a provision for that.  

It could be handled fairly simply by putting a normally open relay in the circuit that provides power to the motor that would close the relay upon power being applied to the motor.  The controlled side of the relay could be wired from a 24V source to the light and back to the supply side ground.  This way, when ever the motor was energized, the relay would close, allowing 24V to turn on the light.  On the Jabsco, that was relatively easy as the power and the energized motor wires were easily accessible but you’d still need to put the whole contraption into a watertight box so wouldn’t necessarily be cheap - and introduces another failure point. That said, on this particular pump, you’d have to tap into the circuit that is between the pump controller and the pump motor to power the relay which would probably mean opening the case, so I’d probably just spring $90 for the PCS and be done with it as it provides a lot more information than just on/off.

It does look like a fine pump though.  

Brent Cameron, Future SM2K Owner

Brent Cameron

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