Re: Marco UP6/E pump and MASS+

Scott SV Tengah

That's right, the MASS light is lit up when I go to the "+" side. There is 25-26v if I touch one multimeter lead to the pump body and the other to battery negative. 

Currently I've disconnected the bonding wire and of course, the light went out. Once we go to the boatyard for unrelated items in the future, I'll investigate further. With fresh water going through it, I presume not having the bonding wire connected is likely harmless?

Brent - I have tried to connect a wire to the Amel 24v panel freshwater pump light to the red wire (positive) AFTER the pump controller, so between the pump controller and the pump motor. On the UP6/E it's external, so easy to tap into that circuit. For some reason that wire is always energized, even when the pump isn't running. I guess when the controller doesn't want the pump to run, it puts out enough current to light up the Amel 24v panel light, but not enough to run the pump.

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