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Mark Erdos

Is it possible to cut 3” wide stripes of the marine plywood. (they may not need to be this wide) cut to length. Resin these to the hull and bulkhead making a new shelf. You will probably have to grind the existing area to ensure it is clean before applying resin and cloth. You will also have to rig up a support to ensure they do not slip during the drying time.



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Day 1 of the bow locker floor replacement. I'm reminded of the elder Moltke's tenet that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. As I cut the port bow locker's floor out, the 3 inch lip I was leaving to later mount the new floor on completely separated (wood from the fiberglass). Now there is only a 3 inch thin fiberglass lip with no plywood underneath it. There was no structure holding the plywood up from underneath along the port side. It seems to have been glassed/supported from the top only. When water penetrated the wood the fiberglass broke away. When the time comes to install the new floor, I suppose I will need to create the lip I thought would still be in place......thoughts ? 

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