Re: Faux Teak and Deck Paint

Craig Briggs

Hey Jose,
I've got the same issue on Sangaris, with the original faux teak wearing off and showing brush strokes.  From a prior life I recall there's an attribute of paint called "bridging". That's the paint's ability to fill in uneven surfaces. 

There are also "anti-bridging" paints that don't fill in the surfaces, although they are mostly for acoustical applications.  So, that's more than I know about the subject, but I wonder if anyone listening might have a PhD in the subject, or, better yet, have done it. I'd love to get a "Non-bridging" paint to redo my decks so as to keep the non-skid properties. If you think about it, that's kind of like keeping the acoustical properties of a surface.

Best, Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris

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